We are passionate business leaders and creative thinkers who are constantly developing ourselves and our expertise.
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Greg Copeland, President

Greg is not only the owner, he's also an avid collector from paintings to race cars. He started investing in art at the age of twenty two. He holds several degrees from New York University and Columbia University

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Kelly Hadous, Director

Kelly is passionate about art, and the intersection of communication, technology, and business. She majored in Art History and is a graduate of New York University and Columbia University.                

Amanda Santora supports our clients and her outstanding level of professionalism represents our culture at FileBankART. She lives for satisfied clients and strives to make their experience with us richer. (Photo coming soon!)

Our Why

We do it for you

We protect your treasures


FIleBankArt Promise

  • Protect your art from theft, sunlight and moisture
  • Preserve your art for however long we store it, by placing it in the proper environment
  • We value the client relationship
  • We protect your privacy
  • Digitize your entire collection

We do it for legacy

We help to preserve art for generations to come


FileBankArt Solutions

  • Protect against damage and man made disasters
  • Preserve its monetary value by keeping it in the proper environment
  • Protect art for it's cultural value
  • We store with art conversation in mind